Seamrite Model SR4X

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This SR4X surface clamp model is equipped with plastic levers. The clamp is 279.4 mm wide and the center can be expanded up to 127 mm.

It’s made of sturdy plastic with 117.4 mm rubber suction cups, a tightening rod and an adjustment wedge to align the seam for less sanding time.

This is the best surface clamp to use for larger seams (kitchens, bars, vanities, etc.).

We recommend a minimum of (2) SR4X clamps on an average 635 mm size seam.

Product Details
Model No. SR4X
Dimension 279.4 mm wide clamp, four (4) 117.4 mm rubber suction cups, center expands to 127 mm 
Minimum clamps Two (2) SR4X clamps on an average 635 mm size seam.
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